Thursday, May 16, 2013

Well, hello.

Welcome to all my new readers! I am completely humbled and overwhelmed with joy at the response to my last post. I have had over 8,000 hits on that one post. Thank you to everyone who shared it, who offered support and positive feed back. It makes my heart happy to know that parents were encouraged and hopeful after reading. 

I loved reading the comments. (Well, most of them.) I am learning that when you're transparent, wear your heart on your sleeve, share your struggles and real life experiences, that people will either love it or hate it. Or sorta like it... or sorta not like it. I love that one reader said "Haters gonna hate, proverbs nine eight." I can take the good with the bad, but as I say to my kids a million times a day, "we only say things that are kind and helpful to each other." 


I am totally new to this blogging thing. I will be in the middle of some random chore, or driving my son to school and an idea will pop in to my head. I will process through it for an hour or a day, and then I will sit down and begin to write. My grammar isn't perfect, I don't even catch all of my spelling errors. I just type out my thoughts and hit 'publish.' I don't write often, because I don't feel like I want to just write about anything. (And I am a mother of three. There's not a whole lot of extra time.) I want to write about things that get me fired up, things that I feel passionate about, or experiences that others will be able to learn from or relate to. 

So what do I write about next? I would love to hear from you about topics that interest you. E-mail me at

But, until I hear from you, I have an idea for a pretty cool series that I want to do this summer starting in June. It's still under wraps as I process with my peeps about it and get a little head start. So check back soon. And until then, we'll see what other ideas pop in to my head. 

This is Gabe's current summer shoe collection

(aside from his faithful cowboy boots.)

If this is any indication of how my summer is
going to go,
I'm a little worried.
Any one have any extra right footed
 crocs that they'd be willing to donate?

 If not, I will be the parent at the park with the
kid who has two left feet.

Haters gonna hate right?


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  1. I have one pink croc, size 4/5 but I'm not sure what foot it is...that was lost back when Miss M was that size and I've hoped (in vain) it might turn up again.