Monday, March 25, 2013

world's okayest mom here.

Wow, i just posted like 10 minutes ago, but since then, a situation occured that I felt needed to be shared.

When Max is having a hard day and being a total punk, I tell him in a loving and sweet voice that even when he is having a hard day, being mean and saying really hurtful things, that I still love him. Just now Gabe gave him a harsh kick in the side with a rubber boot on. It swiped Max's bare skin and he wailed. Rightfully so, right? A swift rubber boot against bare skin is painful! Gabriel said "SORRY." in the snottiest tone possible and walked away with his arms folded across his chest. I felt like such a good mom when Max walked up to me, tears still on his face, and said,

"Mom? even though Gabe hurt me and was mean, I'm still gonna love him. Just like you teach me that even when I am mean, you still love me."

Well, I felt quite accomplished. What I am teaching him is actually sinking in. Then he says, with the sweetest and most innocent smile,

"... and I still love you. Even when you are the meanest mom and have a bad attitude."

well, there ya go. 
Thanks son. 
For keeping me humble. And keepin' it real.


Yours truely, 
Winner of the Okayest Mom of the Day Award. Me.

Come on Spring!

Can it just be spring yet? We are just about to lose it over here. Good thing my kids are cute. 
Let me just brag for a minute.
Eli is 18 months now. Says over 20 words, 
and is our little sunshine.
He is loud and silly, 
and loves to dance. 
He climbs on everything and even dumps toys out of bins 
so that he can use them as stepping stools.
Gabe is ALL drama these days. 
He has more tantrums than I can even count. 
It drives me CrAzy, but he is sorta sweet.
Sometimes. Especially when he is sleeping.
I like him though. He is still cuddly and cute.
He talks non-stop.

Maximo Joe is 5 1/2 and is growing up so fast. 
He lost a tooth a couple of weeks ago. 
He is learning to read and loves school.
The conversations we have about life and death, 
God and heaven are so awesome. 
He's a deep thinker.

 This week is spring break, so I'm just trying to keep these kiddos busy and entertained. All while trying to keep my sanity as I enter in to the second half of my whole30 challenge

I have so many things to look forward to this spring. We are going to do some painting in our house (finally!) and we have some house projects in store. Luckily I have friends with good taste that have been giving me some input. Here are some styles I adore...  

I love these colors. Earthy natural colors, but bright and cheery and happy. Love the blues, greens and yellows with hints of grey.

 This was a design that my dad loved, and I want to recreate it and have it in my kitchen somewhere. 

I love this color for my kitchen.

My lovely friend Sarah over at her blog, An Inviting Home, posted these pictures of her beautiful hallway. I love it. So she is going to lend me the stencil. Just have to figure out where to do it.

I want a collage of pictures like this. Love the bright color pops in each frame.

What kinds of things are you looking forward to this spring? 

OH. I just remembered one more thing that I am looking forward to this May....

WITH NO KIDS. Hallelujah.

peace out.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Where I'm at these days

I have started a hand full of blog posts in the last month, but haven't finished them. I either lose interest or feel like it's all been heard before. I don't know, I have been in sort of a rut for the last 2 1/2 years month especially, and I have just needed a lot of time to process. This mother of three boys stuff was really dragging me down. It's been really hard to be joyful in the last couple of years, even though so many great things have happened!! We've been through a lot, especially since Dad died 2 1/2 years ago. He would've been 60 at the end this month.

So, with all that to say, I am doing a 30 day makeover on myself. I started with the intention of just doing the Whole30 plan, but have decided to make it in to much more. The Whole30 plan is basically the Paleo diet. There is a book called It Starts with Food by Dallas and Melissa Hartwig that leads and guides you through. It's like pushing the "reset" button on your body. I am eating meat, vegetables, some fruit, and nuts/seeds. After 30 days, you re-evaluate how the other foods affect your body, and you make wise food choices from there. So this won't be my diet forever, just until I can see how things like sugar, gluten and dairy are affecting me. 

I have also committed to 3-4 days of Zumba at this great studio in Roseville, not far from my house. Can I just say that I LOVE ZUMBA. Seriously. The days I know I am going to get to go, I am happy all day in anticipation. If you have been bored working out, or want to try something new. Get with the Zumba. I can say that it has changed my life and I am so glad that my LP introduced me. I love it because the women that are in my classes are of all shapes and sizes, age, ethnicity, etc. I don't feel judged or like I am being watched. And I'm learning to dance! The moves are really hard sometimes, especially as I am getting to know the steps. Sometimes when I feel stupid or like I can't do it, I just pretend I am on P. Diddy's Making the Band. Danity Kane, here I come.... (am I the only one who secretly sorta really loved this song/video so many years ago? yeah I am?... k just kidding then...)

I feel like I am taking time to renew my mind/body/spirit, and my joy is being restored in the process. God's totally in this with me. Otherwise I would not be able to have the energy to get through an hour long zumba class at the end of a tiresome day with toddlers. I am asking God to renew my mind towards food and eating. It's work, but it's working. I have suffered from body issues and low self esteem for a long time. I want freedom from that. 

I want to feel happy and grateful. Not grouchy and depressed. I want to have a strong and healthy body, not a body that I am embarrassed by with no energy. I want my relationship with God to be strong and steady, I want to be in His will instead of making decisions on my own and doubting Him when things don't work out. 

SO. Here I go. I am a week in, and I feel pretty great so far. My husband has been so encouraging. My friends have been too. I love that I have my Zumba buddies (LP, Mel and Lia). I appreciate and cherish my Whole30 mate Aly. Here's to a better Sierra! 

Now excuse me as I go kill my husband for shooting me in the ear with a Nerf gun just now. He should know better than to annoy his wife who hasn't had coffee or ice cream in a week.... deep breath... happy and grateful... not grouchy......

CHEERS Y'ALL. I'll try to get back to blogging more. Thanks for reading!